ALDACO is, like every company of Grupo Avance, a company born in Asturias in 2002 and backed with the professional experience of its partners.

ALDACO, a company born almost twenty years ago, has been able to establish a trustworthy business network to offer you excellent opportunities of technical advice and the purchase of all the machinery, tools or supplies needed for your building, civil work, industry or mining project or for your daily activity.

Throughout all these years we have always bet on the diversification of our product offer by incorporating the most cutting-edge products of the market, as well as creating a specialised sales department able to offer personalised attention for your project. All of this focused on making ALDACO one of the leading companies in our field.

We supply our clients with all the machinery, tools, products and supplies needed to obtain an optimised result in your project. In ALDACO, we work with more than 20.000 references of leading national and international companies and brands, always offering the guarantee of a personalised attention and a close and efficient service.

After all these years, in ALDACO we know that the solvency of a business is shown day after day, not just with the commitment to the customer, but with the strict fulfilment of our duties towards our suppliers and partners. Our multidisciplinary workforce contributes to keep this high standard quality service all over our national territory, as well as backing our customers in international projects.

In ALDACO, we have a skilled team for technical advisory and competent to offer a quality service. Thus, the company owns the UNE-EN-ISO 9001.2015 certification issued by Bureau Veritas.

In ALDACO, the continuous training of our employees is aimed towards efficiency, motivation, professionalism and honesty, values present in our team in order to achieve excellence in customer service and attention.

With this goal in mind we offer a post-sale service through which we assist periodical machinery inspections as well as assistance and advice to our customers related to every product we offer.

A good sign of our good work and commitment is our approval as UNITED NATIONS suppliers (UNGM 652923), that we have recently obtained, to be able to collaborate with the different UN agencies and their bidding process.

ALDACO is a company committed with sustainable development of our planet, for this reason, since the early times of the approval of the SDG Sustainable Development Goals by the UNITED NATIONS in 2015, we have joined to link ourselves and commit our actions to the new 2030 sustainable development agenda in order to achieve its goals, and therefore, we have joined both the UN GLOBAL COMPACT and the GLOBAL COMPACT SPANISH NETWORK.

Therefore, ALDACO presents itself as a leading company in the national market, offering our customers quality service and attention and ruled by honesty, respect, responsibility and continuous improvement values.