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Slide Structures Polyester and polypropylene geotextiles Steel nail with washer Drainage sheets with/without geotextile Concrete spacers Threaded rod Lift pit Disposable formwork PVC drainage pipe and various diameter tiles Low density polyehtilene
Sheet gauge 400-700-1000
Bentonite feocomposite and sheeting Rebar couplers Earthing spike,
wire and clip
Metallic and chemical anchoring Bentonite and PVC hydroexpansive gasket PVC waterstop gasket
with/without PVC bulb
Wire nail and steel nail Various diameter wire Perforated strap Rib metal lath Bituminous paint and primer coat Cardboard columna formers Asphalt sheet PVC rifled formwork tube PVC cones and plugs for rifled tubes PVC corner fillets Safety guardrail bushing Concrete remover, curing and antifreeze Epoxy adhesives Formwork flat tie Signaling tape Marking spray paint Marker Rebar wire Structural and cosmetic repair grout Waterproofing grout Non-shrink anchoring grouts Wooden widia circular saw blade Morteros de reparación
y cosméticos
Bonding slurry